SSO Vest “Pantsir”


Genuine SPONS / SSO Pantsir Vest. Construction based on LBT 6094 plate carrier. Designed to the specification of FSO. Vest accommodate set of “Granit” or SAPI ballistic plates. One at the back, one at the front and one on each side. Secondary pockets can be used with anti-ricochet and climatic amortization panels (CAP) . Panels/plates not included.

Made in Russia

Milspec / Military Grade

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Additional photos:

Loops for hydration or wiring are located along the edges of the vest for better accessories management.

Molle system located not only on the front and back but as well on the sides of the vest. Sides have build in pockets for CAP / Anti-ricocheted panels with detachable covers.


Velcro panels at the back can be used to mount unit patches.


Solid rescue handle mounted at the back.

At the back, below cover we can access rubber bands to adjust tension of the waist belt.



Wide shoulder pads with additional exit port for hydration or radio wiring.



The height of the vest can be regulated by adjusting the length of the shoulder straps.

Additional velcro pads in the front for unit patches or additional panels.


All accessories used in making of the vest are high quality SSO products.


There are straps which helps open different flaps and covers for ease of operation.

After lifting front panel we get access to the main waist velcro locking system.


Space in the front panel can be used to store more ammo.


Additional accessories like soft armor plates (CAP) or grain covers can be installed to the vest.


Main pocket for the front ballistic plate.