Speedsoft Body


Receiver set (body) suitable for M4/M16/AR15 style airsoft rifle. It can be used with both PDiK Mancraft Engines V2 and standard AEG V2 gearboxes.

Mancraft bodies are precisely machined on the cutting edge CNC milling machines. Bodies are made out of 7075 T6 aluminum blocks at Mancraft facility in Poland. Receivers made out of billets provide a significantly higher level of quality due to the stability of the raw material. In contrast to the typical airsoft bodies which are cast. Casting processes is more suited for producing products in high volume, with a poor aesthetic consistency, unpredictable fit/finish and material instability.

7075 T6 aluminum alloy is commonly used in aerospace aircrafts and has ultimate tensile strength of 570MPa which is 40% stronger than standard mild steel used in construction. It is as the same time 3x lighter then steel, with the total weight of the set around 340g.

An enlarged trigger guard was designed for comfortable use with gloves while high rims around the mag release button ensure quick and fumble free magazine changes.

The deviation between RIS rail and body is measured in few thousandth of the millimeter. Which guarantee perfect alignment of the optic and holding zero point by the scope.

Set includes:
– Upper receiver
– Lower receiver
– Body pins

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