SSO Smersh


Modular webbing gear designed for reconnaissance and spetznas units with freedom of movement and comfort in mind.

Webbing belt and suspenders evenly distribute loadout weight over the body, while keeping the centre of the gravity in the hip area.

Set includes:

  • Belt, max length 120 cm.
  • Cushioned belt panel, lots of loops and rings for attachment.
  • H-style suspenders, well padded
  • Each side of a belt includes: 2 double AK magazine pouch, two VOG granade and flare pouches.
  • One first aid pouch.
  • A butt pack with PALS and ALICE attachment points on the sides.

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Smersh is the most iconic Russian made webbing system. Developed for reconnaissance and Spetznas units was widely used in all wars of the XXI century, which Russian forces took part of.

Lack of ballistic plates and ammunition pouches located on the level of the hips allows for comfortable caring of backpack or other piece of equipment, making it perfect choice for longer milsim style games or lighter reconnaissance setup. Ergonomic structure of webbing greatly increase wearing comfort and overall flexibility of the operator on the battlefield. Low profile design minimize body outline, especially while in prone position.



Magazine pouches are cushioned with smooth plastic and have additional divider between them, which significantly improves experience of pulling them out. Elasticated straps can be adjusted to firmly hold magazines in places so that webbing could be run with flaps open for speed loading.


Large utility pouch has built in sleeve with the drawstring which can easily double its size if needed. The sides of the pouch are covered with molle webbing and bag itself can be mounted either on the belt, or as a backpack.


Series of additional straps and helps to counter-weight the utility pouch and can be further use to secure loose items inside.


Grenade pouches on the sides of ammo pouches are great for radio, red rag or other small personal items.

First aid pouch can be used as multipurpose pouch due to its complex design which could be adapted in many different ways. Secure sleeve for ID, pen holder, radio or even grenade pouch.