SSO ”Leira” Pistol Sling


Genuine ”Leira” SSO/SPONS sling.

This pistol sling has a heavy duty spring coil to help absorb the weight of the pistol while allowing ergonomic flexibility of use. The additional swivels at the end of the coil will prevent twisting the gun in the hand when fully extended in arm and pointed in some different angles. In practice, that would otherwise pull the handle of the gun to the mounting point. One of series of our milsim accessories available.

Easy option  mounting the sling to the belt thanks to series of straps. Designed to withstand unusual strain MOLLE (modular light-weight load-carrying equipment) D-rings also attached. This handy little accessory allows you to attach your sling, securely to almost anything.

Well appreciated in action by the best airsofters. Try it yourself and include it in your tactical gear.

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