Double sided, all year camouflage suit. Designed to be worn as outer uniform, rather than another layer of clothes of a typical Russian camouflage suit. Thicker and more durable fabric combined with practical design gives resemblance of SAS jackets.

The total of 10 pockets, each secured with a flap: (6 on the trousers, 4 on the jacket). Peak hooded, high collar Anorak type of jacket is closed by 4 Canadian style buttons. The hood can be adjusted in shape and volume using string of material located on a back of it and at the end of a collar. Additional layers of material on knees, elbows keeps moisture and cold off when crawling or kneeling. 

Intuitive design with wide, deep pockets and big buttons for efficacious operation in tactical gloves. Series of straps and build in elastic bands ensures tight fit in critical points of the body. The uniform can be adjusted in volume allowing for space for layers of warmer clothes in colder season or it might be fasten tight against the body.


67% polyester 33% cotton fabric, not visible “shining” in the IR night vision aperture.


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Big canadian style buttons allow collar to be wide open which significantly improves ventilation.

Doubled layer of material on knees and elbows prevents from premature wear while crawling or kneeling. Elasticated cuff grasps sleeve, so it is not too loose throughout handling or manoeuvering.

Drawstring waist allows for tighter fit if the layers of warm clothes are not used. It also prevents the jacket from moving freely when filled with heavy objects. Large pockets are ideal to keep first line of equipment, this way more room is saved inside a backpack or a vest.

Longer sleeves with thumb loop to firmly secure its position. If compared to rubber elastic band mounted on Scout Lightweight camouflage suits sleeves, this soft strap is much more comfortable.

Additional mounting points at the back and hood to attach leaves, grass or other local flora. These can be used for ghillie suit as well.

Proper size rubber strap on the waist allows to wear trousers even without any belt or suspension system. There can be an easy access to big back pockets while lying on the ground or crawling. Additional layer of material on the back of the trousers isolate the body from cold and damp ground.


Another two sets of pockets. One angled for ease of using and preventing small object from falling out when in horizontal position. Both with big flaps; this is not common yet very practical if about to carry keys or other small object that could simply get lost.


The angled flap is covered with the jacket which secures it even more and makes it a perfect hidden pocket that otherwise would be located on the inside of the jacket.

Rubber strap around ankles firmly secures trousers over the boots.



Additional layers of clothes on knees prevents from premature wear and adds extra layer of insulation between ground and body.


Built in strap can be used as a belt or improves the fit when trousers are used with suspension system.