Mancraft CNC Ares Amoeba Buttstock


The Mancraft Ares Amoeba buttstock is specifically designed to fit Ares Amoeba Rifles. It is originally intended to be used with a U-shape adaptor, CO2 cartridge adaptor, and pressure regulator. Constructed from a solid block of anodized aluminum, this buttstock is known for its robustness and heavy-duty build quality. It features a sliding back that provides easy access to the cartridge adaptor. Additionally, the buttstock includes a window at the back, allowing the user to monitor the pressure within the system.

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Additional photos:

Mancraft Ares Amoeba Buttstock feature sliding cover to access 12g CO2 cartridge adapter that can be hidden inside the stock.


Designed to fit perfectly with the Ares stock, the contour of the Mancraft buttstock blends naturally with the shape of the rifle.

Connection to the Mancraft HPA Engine is usually made via 4mm tube, instead of HPA Lines.