SSO Chestrig “Jaeger”


Genuine SPONS / SSO Chestrig made to be a simplified version of Lazutchik chestrig. Fully adjustable with H-harness and loops for RS-31 duty belt. Chestrig can be adjusted between chest sizes S to 2XL.


  • 6 mags, 4 hand grenades, 2 smoke grenades – standard
  • 9 mags, 4 hand grenades, 2 smoke grenades – without mag divider
  • 11 mags and 4 hand grenades – when smoke grenade pouches are used to carry single magazines.

Made in Russia

Milspec / Military Grade

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Magazine pouches are secured with rubber straps which prevents content from falling out when pouches are open as well as rattling when jogging. Long flaps allow for fast and easy access to magazines, even in combat or winter gloves.

Additional metal loops can be used to attach weapon sling. Covers on belts prevents accidently releasing quick detach mechanism. Cushions on shoulders are thin yet comfortable which allows to use of backpack or additional smersh webbing without problems. Arm straps are 40 mm wide with removable soft rectangular cushions 330 mm long, 65 mm wide, 10 mm thick.

Releasing QD in action:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Smoke grenade pouches can be used as single mag pouches.

For optimal ergonomic and  use of frictionless mag divider inside, pouches should be used to carry 2 mags each. However if divider should be removed, each pouch can carry 3 mags. Mag pouches are closed not only with velcro but metal heavy duty QD button as well. Which will still work even when velcro pads get dirty or damaged after years.

Grenade pouches can be used to store small items like speedloaders, keys or snacks.

H style harness with lot of adjustment for extra fit to any shape of the body and even and steady load of heavy mags on the shoulders and back.