HPA Line – Standard


HPA Line for AEG and sniper conversion kits. Allows for quick and safe disconnect of the system from the tank at the gun or regulator end. Non return valves – one at the regulator, second at the HPA line –  blocks escape of the air without need of turning down air pressure or unscrewing regulator from the tank. Real game changer if you carry your tank in the backpack or backpouch and would like to lie down weapon aside between games without having to strip down all your equipment at the same time.

Fitting type:

  • US – The most common standard used on airsoft and paintball pressure regulators and HPA lines.


  • 100cm / 39inches

4 in stock (can be backordered)


Cotton style fire retarded sleeve. Quite stiff due to the dense mesh pattern. Feels natural and soft to touch.


Different HPA lines styles comparison

Top: standard, middle: light black , bottom: heavy


Different HPA lines styles comparison

Left: standard , middle: light black, right: heavy