Gorka – SS Leto

This is the original SSO Gorka Suit designed for Russian Army and is made to the highest military standards.

The Gorka Suit is built to last. It can withstand enormous punishment from both extreme weather and un-natural wear in war conditions. Designed for Russian special forces who are operating in the remote depth of enemy’s territory, will be more than enough for any extreme activity.

Intuitive design with wide, deep pockets and big buttons for ease of operation in tactical gloves. Series of straps and build in elastic bands ensure tight fit in critical points of the body.

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Gorka (Горка) as we know it, was designed under name of  “костюм горный ветрозащитный” which translates to mountain windproof suit. The uniform was originally designed for Russian Special Forces – Spetsnaz – and regular troops operating in extreme mountain conditions. Due to its outstanding performances on battlefields around the globe, it is widely used among civilians for hunting, hiking and general outdoor activities.

They are made of a dense tent cotton fabric. It is the perfect balance between wear resistance and flexibility, which is required in outside layers of tactical clothes. Polyester enriched material in form of ripstop fabric is used to fortificate the critical areas for wear and blotting.

Traditional jacket closed with big canadian style buttons covered from the inside and outside with flaps creates solid barrier from wind.

Handy pocket on each arm secured with big button and flap.

Additional layer of water resistant material on knees and elbows prevents from premature wear while crawling or kneeling. Elasticated cuff grasps sleeve, so it is not too loose throughout handling or manoeuvering.

Built in strap can be used as a belt or improves the fit when trousers are used with suspension system.

Rubber strap around ankles firmly secures trousers over the boots.

Specially designed ends of the trousers can be put inside the boots