Gearcraft Helmet “Altyn”


Gearcraft Helmet “Altyn” is the perfect replica of legendary titanium helmet designed for KGB and FSB special forces in mid 80’s. After the fall of the Soviet Union it was widely used by Russian FSB special forces. It was utilized by FSB operators at the Moscow theater hostage crisis and the Beslan school siege. Goes well with all gear avaliable on our shop.

The helmet has a brutal appearance and sets you apart on the battlefield. “Altyn” was actively used by FSB special forces in Afghanistan and Chechnya, as well as other conflicts, which makes this replica an excellent choice for re-enactors.

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Adjustable chin strap with soft leather pads for extra comfort.

Mounting system for face shield (not included)

Dummy plug located at the back of the helmet can be connected with original radio set.

Dummy microphone mounted on flexible rod.


Finishing details resembles the original helmet detailing.



Dummy microphone can be rotated and secured in place in top position.