Fitting – 1/8″ – US


Item used in pair with the second fitting to create connector. This connector joins US female type of fitting, through connector, with another pneumatic hose or device. For example, used with 1/8″ [Female] – 4mm will create a connector to link Mancraft Spring Engine and standard HPA Line or pneumatic regulator with female US type fitting. To achieve the same link with Mancraft AEG Engine 1/8″ [Female] – 6mm fitting must be used instead of 1/8″ [Female] – 4mm fitting.


  • 1/8″ thread male
  • US type male


Different types of connectors built with the use of 1/8″ – US fitting.


1/8″ – US fitting used with 1/8″ [Female] – 4mm to create connector for HPA lines.