12g Cartridge Adaptor – with Expansion Chamber – U Shape


Designed to work with standard CO2 12g cartridges that allows for around 40-70 shots to be made, depending on the fps setting. Can be used instead of traditional HPA/CO2 tank with all standard paintball and airsoft regulators.

6x expansion chamber

2x anti freezing

1x micro dirt & liquid filter

Built in u-shape expansion chamber reduce the risk of freezing the gun and improves fps consistency.

Note: Picture taken with the 4mm fitting. Depending on the selection of the fitting type, a new one may be installed in its place.


Air and CO2 pressure regulator used for adjusting fps in Mancraft AEG and Sping kits.

Based on classic and well tested design of larger Mancraft Regualtor. Small size of the device minimize its footprint and allows tank to be hold in smaller pouches. Regulation screw accessible through hole in the front of the regulator . Instead of large tournament lock there is an option to secure pressure regulation with tournament cable tie which has unique, individual serial number on each tie (also available on our website). Regulation in range of 4-17bar (60-250psi).

Size: Width 60mm,  Length 165mm, Thickness 25mm