SSO Chestrig “Lazutchnik”


Genuine SPONS / SSO Chestrig. Design as the solution for urban combat and convenient transportation within vehicle where bigger vests proved themselves to be too awkward. Fully adjustable with H-harness and loops for RS-31 duty belt. MOLLE system on the shoulders straps allows for installation additional utility pouches, for radio or personal aid kit. Chestrig can be adjusted between chest sizes S to 2XL.


  • 6 mags, 4 hand grenades, 2 smoke grenades – standard
  • 9 mags, 4 hand grenades, 2 smoke grenades – without mag divider
  • 11 mags and 4 hand grenades – when smoke grenade pouches are used to carry single magazines.

Made in Russia

Milspec / Military Grade

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Big utility pocket for ballistic plate, maps and other document can be easily accessed from the top.


Magazine pouches are secured with well known and battle-tested British DPM style locks. Pouches covers are deep and rigid to keep dust and moisture out of the content.

2 smoke grenade pouches can be used as single magazine pouches, however being on the edge of the chestrig the access to them might be harder then to the front pouches. There are as well 4 grenade pouches in total, two on each side.

Magazine pouches holds two magazines with the divider when ease of pulling them out is crucial, or three when divider is taken out.

H type harness spread the weight of loaded chestrig evenly on the back and shoulders. Bottom loops allows to attach vest with to the duty belt or warbelt with additional pouches .