Armotech Ultralight HPA TANK – 68ci / 1.1l


Introducing the Armotech Supralight Paintball Air Tanks, meticulously engineered in Europe to redefine the standards of lightweight performance for paintball, airsoft, and airgun enthusiasts. These remarkable Super Light air tanks boast an ingenious design, featuring a slender stainless steel core enveloped in a high-grade carbon fiber composite wrap – often referred to as a carbon fiber tank. This dynamic combination of materials results in an air tank that effortlessly blends strength and agility.

What truly sets the Armotech Supralight tanks apart is their remarkable weightlessness. Whether these tanks are mounted on your gun or carried separately, their weight practically vanishes from your awareness, granting you a substantial edge over competitors wrestling with heavier paintball tanks. Gain an unparalleled advantage in maneuverability and enjoy extended hours of fatigue-free play.

Please note that these tanks are supplied without regulators, affording you the flexibility to select a regulator that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Pressure: 300 Bar / 4500psi
Weight: 0.65kg
Length: 225mm
Diameter: 95mm

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Our Armotech Supralight range offers a spectrum of sizes, catering to the diverse needs of players. From the compact 0.25-liter (15 cubic inch) variant to the expansive 1.1-liter (68 cubic inch) paintball tank, we have a size to match your preferences.

Safety is paramount, and we’re proud to declare that the Armotech Supralight tanks are TÜV/PI certified, assuring compliance with stringent safety standards for use within Germany and throughout Europe. This certification underscores the exceptional build quality and safety features of our tanks.

For those who thrive in tournament play or venture into woodland settings, our Supralight bottle by Armotech represents the pinnacle of compactness. Amongst bottles in its class, it stands as one of the lightest worldwide. Its thoughtful construction, combining a high-quality stainless steel core with cutting-edge high-tech fibers, not only guarantees lightness but also fortifies safety.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a casual player, our tanks are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Developed and rigorously tested to meet the highest safety, strength, and reliability standards, Armotech Supralight tanks empower you to focus on the game, leaving equipment worries behind.

Elevate your game, shed the weight, and invest in the Armotech Supralight – where innovation meets excellence.