AEG V2 gen.1


Mancraft kit is a gas (High Pressure Air) conversion for AEG rifles, especially designed for DMR and sniper rifles.

HPA mechanism does not require battery to run,  that’s why it’s safe to use it in any weather condition, without worry about drop in the performances or failing electrical components. Furthermore, as the whole energy used to propel the BB is stored in High Pressure Air and there are no externally moving part, the lifetime of the conversion is extremely long and maintenance of it is very basic.

Adjustment of the fps takes seconds and can be done without special tools on chrono. If required, fps regulation can be easily fixed and secured with tournament lock for the duration of the game.

Gen. 1 vs Gen.3:
Both engines works in the same way and have very similar design of releasing the pressure and reloading. So everyday performances will be the same for both generations. The main difference is that gen.3 is much easier to install and maintenance as it’s build upon the frame which holds all inner parts and tubes together. Therefore there is smaller chance to damage something while installing trigger unit and smaller chance of misalignment between valve button and trigger.

Kit includes:

  • Conversion kit,
  • 150 cm long pneumatic tube,
  • Pneumatic fitting,
  • Silicone grease.


What is Mancraft

Mancraft is the company established in 2012, Poland. For almost a decade they have been manufacturing airsoft HPA conversion kits which are now sold in over 200 shops around the globe. Their products have been constantly upgraded to create a perfect HPA conversion kit which is at this point a state of art.

What is Mancraft Conversion Kit

Mancraft Kit replace gearbox of your rifle with modified pneumatic shell. It changes the propulsion source for BBs from the power of the spring and piston to the power of compressed air (HPA) feeded to the rifle from outside source. The conversion is connected to the HPA tank with small diameter pneumatic hose. That is why most of the rifles require hole to be drilled through their stock, handle or body.

What do I need to run Mancraft Kit?

  • HPA tank

HPA tanks comes in variety of sizes and shapes. Keep in mind that the smaller the tank, the more often you would have to refill it,  which can be problematic if you do not have scuba diving shop nearby or your own filling station made of big scuba tank.

  • Pressure regulator

You can use any airsoft or paintball low pressure regulator with range of 30-90psi at least. The best option is of course original Mancraft Regulator, as with such you don’t have to worry about additional pneumatic fittings to connect it with your rifle or damaging your conversion with overpressure.

  • Extras

Quick release fittings to disconnect hose from the rifle without closing the regulator / 3 way splitters to connect rifle as well as pistol / external pressure gauge to build in stock or webbing / CO2 adapters for capsules … Check Mancraft Accessories for more ideas