HPA Tank – 26ci


Light yet durable, the new Valken aluminium 26 cubic inch, 3000psi compressed air tank. This Valken paintball tank features consistent, paintball-standard, 800psi output pressure which is later reduced to airsoft-standard pressure via Mancraft Pressure Regulator to about 120psi. Stainless steel fill nipple and rubber cover for added durability and improved service life.

  • 26 cubic inch (0.4L), 3000psi compressed air tank
  • Compatible with Mancraft Pressure Regulators
  • Lightweight aluminium tank
  • Pi Certification
  • Stainless steel fill nipple with included cover
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable CE & ASTM standards

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According to TEPD (PI), ADR P200 table, re-test for a compressed air aluminum cylinder is every 10 years. There is no expiry date for these cylinders as long as they pass the retest requirements.

Please note the chart below and if the cylinder is used for a listed gas the testing period may need to be adjusted. For our normal user 10 year for aluminum cylinders used to contain compressed air is correct.

Each UN pressure receptacle that becomes due for periodic requalification must be requalified at the interval specified in the following table:

Interval (years) | UN pressure receptacles/hazardous materials

  • 10 | Pressure receptacles for all hazardous materials except as noted below (also for dissolved acetylene, see paragraph (d)(3) of this section):
  • 5 | Composite pressure receptacles.
  • 5 | Metal hydride storage systems
  • 5 | Pressure receptacles used for:
  • All Division 2.3 materials.
  • UN1013, Carbon dioxide.UN1043, Fertilizer ammoniating solution with free ammonia.
  • UN1051, Hydrogen cyanide, stabilized containing less than 3% water.
  • UN1052, Hydrogen fluoride, anhydrous.
  • UN1745, Bromine pentafluoride.UN1746, Bromine trifluoride.
  • UN2073, Ammonia solution.
  • UN2495, Iodine pentafluoride.
  • UN2983, Ethylene Oxide and Propylene oxide mixture, not more than 30% ethylene oxide.
  • 5 | Pressure receptacles used for adsorbed gases.